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Numbers are powerful. Only when you track and examine your investments you will see past the noise and notice what is working and not.

You and I know how important is to track our investments, but we also know how hectic that task can be.

I've been working on this tracker for so long, tailoring it to be as simple but as effective as it can be. Crafting each part of it with DeFi in mind.

This is the perfect spreadsheet to track all your Nodes, Trading bots, Daos, and Passive Income project you might be in.

There are plenty of cool features to help you succeed in the DeFi World.

If you have been following me for some time, you know how much I preach taking out your initial investment. Nothing is more important than your ROI.

Well now you will have a daily reminder, I added a cell that tells you how much money you need to cash out before ROI. This cell turns red when negative, and changes to green after getting back your ROI.


Live prices - Price updates automatically

2 Types of Chart views for Monthly income, Compounding and investing

2 Types of Chart views for Weekly Income, Compounding and investing

Cashouts left until ROI. (Turns red before ROI, then turns green after ROI)

Total Days estimated until ROI. (Turns red before ROI, then turns green after ROI)

Percentage and dollar amount gain on your investment

Dashboard showcasing your out-of-pocket investment, total compounded, total cash out, and rewards generated.

Table to quickly view how much you've made each week, plus a comparison between your weekly cashouts versus your weekly compounding.

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Passive Income Tracker - DeFi Chronicles

3 ratings