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Private Discord Group - DeFi Chronicles

Welcome to DeFi Chronicles!

Be part of a like-minded group, where we cheer our wins, cry our losses together, learn from our mistakes, and evolve as a whole. No matter if you are investing $10 or $10,000, you have a place here.

We mainly talk about Crypto and Passive Income projects but there will be also a place for stocks and alternative investments.

Get in and let's be proof that anybody can make it!

Get access to:

  • Private discord group
  • Well-digested info about upcoming or recently released projects.
  • Quick explanation on what the project does, fees and taxes, what to expect from it, a risk level, and my view on it.
  • Buying opportunities for blue-chip coins, and the best places to stake them.
  • Resource Library on MM, dexes, and crypto in general
  • Suggestions for optimizing portfolio
    Thank you for supporting and empowering my content,
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Private Discord Group - DeFi Chronicles