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Airdrop Path & Discord Group Access

Be part of a like-minded group, where we cheer our wins, cry our losses together, learn from our mistakes, and evolve. Whether investing $10 or $10,000, you have a place here.

We mainly talk about Crypto and farming airdrops projects but feel free to ask questions on any other topics.

Get in and let's be proof that anybody can make it!

Get access to:

  • List of Airdrops I am farming (Updated continuously)
  • Private discord group
  • Well-digested info about upcoming airdrops.
  • Strategies, how to cut on fees, improve ranking, and maximize your airdrop allocation.
  • Buying opportunities.

There are 3 options, monthly, every 6 months, or lifetime access.

For lifetime access, deposit using USDC or USDT to the following address:


Price: $69

Once done, please send the tx id with your Discord handle to

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$6 a month

Airdrop Path & Discord Group Access

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